Regional Accommodation Group

The following tables provides a summary of the key features of what RAG offers their investors.


Feature Overview
Company Regional Accommodation Group Pty Ltd (RAG).
Investment strategy Sourcing, acquiring and managing leasehold motels.
Securities Unsecured Notes.
Return Unsecured Notes accrue interest at the rate of 12.00% per annum paid monthly, until redeemed. Upon redemption, Unsecured Note holders will share in the issue of ordinary shares in RAG (on a pro rata basis), equivalent to 10% of the issued capital. No dividends to shareholders will be paid until the Unsecured Notes are fully redeemed. The key terms of the Unsecured Notes are available on request. RAG may elect to redeem the Unsecured Notes at any time.
Minimum Investment $100,000, followed by increments of $20,000.
Eligible investors Sophisticated investors only.
Liquidity An investment in RAG is illiquid as there is no secondary market for the Unsecured Notes or shares in the company. There are no withdrawal rights in connection with the Unsecured Notes.
Risks There are risks associated with investing in the Unsecured Notes (and RAG). Neither the payment of interest nor the return of capital is guaranteed by any person. An investment in RAG is an investment in a company undertaking a specialised area of accommodation management.


Dominic Quilligan

Managing Director

Nicholas Bonifant

Investor Relations